Pictures from my visit to The Lodge on Skid Row

Sitting on the stoop of “The Lodge”, I see a red truck pull up and something shiny and silver emerges from a cracked down window. A frail, heavily accented Latin voice yells “You wannta a burrito?” as the car pulls to a stop. Suddenly the car is swarmed by grown men and women who wantContinue reading “Pictures from my visit to The Lodge on Skid Row”

Housing the Homeless – How to, and what not to do

You suck! You are a pig and you break things and you are a disgrace to have in my building! or You are a nice person and I am glad to see you in the building. I asked you to come in today because of the hole in the hallways. I saw you punch theContinue reading “Housing the Homeless – How to, and what not to do”

Why are people homeless?

John Best showed me that there are several common factors in a Homeless person’s life. Often a person has more than one of these issues as an ingredient into their homelessness. mental illness – possibly undiagnosed physical illness poor relationship with family criminal history victim of crime alcohol addiction drug addiction member of street culture/streetContinue reading “Why are people homeless?”

HOMEWALK LA – I will be there!

When is HomeWalk? Saturday, November 15, 2008 Exposition Park 700 Exposition Park Drive Los Angeles, CA 90037 here is a Link to the info page, it is TOTALLY free to register, raise funds, or awareness, or possibly BOTH!

Contracted Welfare in LA County – a thing of the past?

As you know, I don’t work directly for the County of Los Angeles – I work on their behalf as an employee of a contracted agency. This is the first time I have worked for an actual “for profit” company. Previously I worked on Skid Row for LAMP Community as a Housing Advocate – HousingContinue reading “Contracted Welfare in LA County – a thing of the past?”

Burned to death for being homeless

By R. W. Dellinger Some witnesses say John Robert McGraham tried to run away from his torturer after gasoline was poured over his body and ignited as he sat on the sidewalk the warm evening of Oct. 9. But the 55-year-old homeless man, who had been living on the streets of L.A. for decades, didn’tContinue reading “Burned to death for being homeless”

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