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When people live practically on top of each other, not separated by walls, not sleeping in beds, unwashed by the masses and malnourished as a rule – guess what? Homeless people are prone to illness. The TB rate is through the roof, and now (cue the scary music) Dahm dumn dummmmmmmmmmmmm a STAPH INFECTION is spreading like a weed among the population and servants on 90021.

It is called Skid Row Staph and it comes on quick and hard. Homeless residents, non-profit out reach agency workers, prison workers, jailed inmates, police officers and fire fighters: everyone is getting it. It is a nasty epidemic that no one is talking about or willing to admit.

If you have a sore that looks like a spider bite, a boil, ingrown hair, cellulitus, RUN to the hospital and demand they check for Staph!

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