There were more stories about homeless dumping. This one is in the Whittier Daily News. It even made it into international news with the Times Online UK. Perhaps international scrutiny will speed up the change?

You already know my view. We don’t need stabilization centers. We need a broad spectrum of services and varying levels of housing to be made available to the residents of Skid Row. It is my hope that Supportive housing models, long term Transitional Living residences, and other new non-traditional housing types will be implemented. I know that non-traditional is scary to the main stream populous, but homeless people live a non-traditional lifestyle so meeting their needs head on with non-traditional means might be the answer we have over looked. I also hope that it will create stabilization levels for people in the process of becoming homeless so the most motivated of them can find somewhere to stick before they are permanently homeless.

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  1. So I guess with non-traditional you mean anything that has some kind of extra support and is not just an apartment or room you rent. Makes a lot of sense to me and I don’t see anything threatening about supporting people who’d otherwise just be out on the streets…

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