Perhaps I am jaded . . . . How is this news? The sky is blue grass is green, and skid row absorbs all the people you would rather have unseen. When I saw this picture my first reaction was to note how clean the sidewalk is there. Out side my office door someone just vomited and 8 people are asleep.

Long Term Skilled Nursing places have to keep you if you have no family and no where to go – even if you have no way to pay.

They cross their fingers and pray you get sick and go to the hospital for more than 3 days so they can give your bed away. Hospitals know that and try to have you out in less than 3 days . . but when you are not, they have to have a discharge plan.

Because of the food and shelter available here on the row, hospitals and SNF’s justify leaving people here.

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  1. It may not be news to you, but it is news to many people who don’t live or work right there.

    If it’s not really news because it’s happening so much and has happened for a long time, it’s even more shocking and I’m glad this one instance was on the news as an example, so at least more people get a little more aware of what’s happening in this city!

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