Somehow that is the phrase in my head every time I hear this man play. Beautiful rich clear tones that echo off pealing graffiti slathered walls, harmonic melodies that reverberate off the urine stained sidewalk housing a host of hibernating rats.When he plays, he turns the ugly ducking of the row into a surreally beautifulContinue reading

These are more of my favorite outreach services for thehomeless. Some of them are not based in Skid Row. A Community of Friends ACOF is able to provide housing for homeless, disabled and very low-income persons – creating permanent, affordable housing and an environment that promotes stability. Step Up on Second in Santa Monica. StepContinue reading

Links To Homeless Sites Beyond Shelter 211 (Los Angeles County Hotline) Have questions? Need help? Like 911 and 411 before it, “211” is very useful to the average person, It can teach you how to navigate the Public Assistance systems and where to apply for what services. Interagency Council on Homelessness Institute for the StudyContinue reading

Personal Hygene

can you tell these are pictures of the same man?Personal Hygene makes a world of difference in the way we see outselves as well as how we invite the world to see us. Motivation is ofte tied to a clean body, clean clothing and a decent haircut. All the women who clog the spas andContinue reading “Personal Hygene”

Why Los Angeles Needs a Residential Hotel Preservation Ordinance. taken from When you think about some of the things that Los Angeles needs, your thoughts might lean toward our city needing some serious traffic relief, some air quality improvement, a few more independent bookstores, or even how the Lakers need another three-peat. Chances are,Continue reading

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