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“Thomas ” and the Hope Mannequin

Guys, dolls, ya’ll – yesterday and today Thomas came to the realisation that the voice in his head is not real and he has a head injury.

His acting was realistic. The torture he expressed is so familiar to what I see each day in people who have voices haunting and taunting them. This morning I watched a man plug his ears to block out the sounds and run for his headphones because the world was too loud.

Sorting out reality from fantasy and or illness is difficult, and it wears on your self image, esteem and emotional health.

Good job, Bold and the Beautiful! This was easily the best acting I have seen on your show.


Should $12 and a Knife Cost a Life?

A letter mailed in February was answered in September by Los Angeles County. It denied the release of a peaceful elderly prisoner who has served over 30 years for stealing $12 while holding a knife. Yikes.

Justice is not always just.

Covid-19 is in the prisons and jails.

Can we reform the prisons and legal system yet?


Read his story in his own words:


Why being kind to others is good for your health – BBC Future

Being kind has kept me healthy. I don’t want to eat six servings of fruit a day but I am kind and it turns out it has the same health benefits. Who knew?


funny and…

This is on my Facebook every December. Once the wandering wise men which is like Elf on the shelf but religious. And it made me think of all my homeless friends who have an i7-–<nconsistent address. Hang up such a nice way of stating that they don’t have a permanent place or are without a home!

COVID-19 testing for Older Persons

Please see below link for COVID-19 home testing opportunity for older persons. This requires an online request, and making arrangements to get the test sent to the laboratory using FedEx. See details at: https://covid19.lacounty.gov/la-county-holiday-home-test-collection/

Thank you, LA County!

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