Defining Homelessness



  • Living in public or private spaces without permission:
  • Tents,
  • cartcars,
  • RVs,
  • under bridges,
  • etc.

Plan – Connect to C.E.S. for Homeless Case Management. Call 211 for the local service provider.

  • – Connect Pt to Medi-Cal
  • – Consider Dept of Mental Health Eval
  • – Connect to Dept of Social Services
  • – Connect to Treatment Center if needed
  • -Evaluate urgent needs

Emergency Sheltered

  • Winter Shelter
  • Ascencia, URM, Missions
  • other homeless shelter

Plan: Connect to a CES provider for Homeless Case Management

– all of the above, plus –

  • –    Focus on increasing income
  • Apply for GR/Welfare benefits
  • Apply for Social Security if appropriate
  • –    Apply for the Pilot Project at DPSS
  • –    Look for affordable housing

Provisionally Accommodatedhidddd

  • Temporary stay not exceeding time limits which would end their homeless episode:
  •  Bridge Housing for 90 days or less
  •  Motel dwellers <30 days
  • Couch surfing< 2 weeks in 6 months
  • Medi-Cal paid Sober Living

Plan: Connect to CES for Homeless Case Management

  • -Focus on increasing income
  •               — apply for 10 jobs a week, sign up with Employment Agency
  • –    Look for affordable housing,
  •               — price Sober Living beds
  • –    Use a monthly budget


Unhappily Housed

  • Private Pay Sober Living
  • Staying with
  • Family,
  • Friends,
  • or independently

and can continue to live there, although the fit may not feel happy or healthy.

Plan:  Case Manage this PT with problem solving to prevent them from becoming homeless 


Living in a place where they can expect to stay-

Plan: Work with patient to return the patient to their family / home of origin

Homeless Connect Day in Chatsworth

This morning was the monthly health and service fair for homeless services .

Would it be wrong to tell you how impressed I was with District 12 Councilman John Lee? Typically a few staff interns or members come to these events. John Lee had his entire office out in force.

Chief of staff’s card

His chief of staff was there, handing out water and bagels, carrying boxes, and working throughout the event. Honestly, his team came to work.

In the days of empty promises, I was impressed. Good job!

This blog is 14 years old

I can’t celebrate this. My hope was that by now it would be a memoir of a crisis conquered and ended.

14 years ago, in a birthday trip to Vegas with Bonnie and Isabel, I started a blog. It started in Blogger and eventually was migrated to WordPress. I man I was dating suggested I wrote about my job in an effort to pursuade others to take notice and care .

I was working at The People Concern (LAMP) on skid row.

Ya’ll have been with me through 3 apartments and a house,

several random dates

the birth and life of Darla

From LAMP to MAXIMUS, DPSS, Reach for the Top, and my latest top secret position

you came along through grad school at USC

We’ve seen a lot, you and I.

Hopefully we will see a reduction in human suffering and an end to homelessness if we do this right.

Defining Homelessness

Surprise! Homelessness is a complicated issue, right down to who is homeless and what type of homeless situation they are experiencing.

Unsheltered, Emergency Sheltered, Conditionally Sheltered, Unhappily/inappropriately housed…

Here is a short explanation of each.

This mattress and grocery cart shouldn’t be mistaken for a real “mobile home”


Homeless Shelters are one step up from the sidewalk, and often the first step inside.


and not a pot to pee in

It happened to me this weekend.

I was driving down the street when my stomach suddenly cramped. I looked down and saw the 32 ounces of Diet Coke were gone from my McDonalds’s cup and knew, just knew that I was about to have a bathroom emergency.


I needed the loo, and badly.

I shifted in my seat and tried not to think of the conga line forming in my large intestine. I tried not to think of the whoopie cushion rapidly filling into a water balloon just inches behind my seatbelt.

A sweat broke out.

I scanned the horizon for Starbucks, for Mc Donald’s, for gas stations, for absolutely anywhere that might have a public bathroom.

I had a moment where I wondered if there was anywhere private enough that I could pull over and take care of the emergency happening in my body. Did I have baby wipes? Could I find a baby diaper in the trunk: I did a mental inventory before remembering this s a new car. What was I wearing? Why couldn’t I at least wear a skirt that would give me some privacy? What is the exact fine for toileting in public?

I needed a friendly toilet, or any toilet would be welcome – even the bathroom from Train Spotting…

I considered where I was going. Did I really need to go? If I had an accident, did I have other clothes to change in to?

Was I closer to home or my destination?

And my empathy meter racketed up 2 more stops.

I had a bathroom I could get to.

I was dressed nicely enough to walk into a public place and use their bathroom without too many sideways looks.

But people who are homeless? What do they have?


Pretty much – they don’t have a pot to P!$$ in and there doesn’t seem to be a plan to fix that.

And that – is gross. To quote the great musical Annie “When you gotta go, you gotta go!”, so people are pooping and peeing on the street. That is building up bacteria and smell and frankly LA doesn’t get enough rain to push that into the sewer system.

Read more here….

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Register to Vote (even of you are homeless)

Not everybody in California has an address. Everybody in California is impacted by the laws here, so everybody should vote.

You do not have to have an address to vote. You do need to be able to describe where it is that you stay.

If you are registering via a paper form, use the map on the bottom of the voter registration form, you can identify two cross-streets where you usually stay. If you are registering online, you can check the box that says, “I do not have a street address” in the address section.

Did Pacifica Hospital of the Valley engage in “Homeless Dumping”?

I have some questions.

I am on several Facebook pages for cities in the valley and homeless issues. (I know, quite the shocker to hear that I might be concerned.) I remember when this original post was put up by a neighbor of the hospital who was very worried about what looks like a homeless patient being kicked out of care without an appropriate follow-up plan. The poster was worried for the patient’s well-being and for the neighborhood in general.

This is how the hospital responded. They responded with a threatening letter from a lawyer and not an invitation to discussion.

As I said: I have questions.

1. How were they “discharged” in paragraph 3, if they never received treatment as stated in paragraph 2?

2. Is the lawyer a mind-reader? How do they know the patient (non-payment?!?) ” simply decided” to do anything?

3. The letter vacilates between asserting the person wandered near the hospital and saying they were appropriately discharged.

4. The letter states that this neighbor’s concerns and photos are hurting the hospital. Perhaps the lawyer should know the reputation of the hospital and clinic…it is reasonable to note that I’ve never heard a positive thing about this place or anyone wanting to go there. Keep in mind that I once sat with someone for 14 hours in the ER and old county general so I’m a veteran of questionable medical care.

5. How are facts about who a patient is “readily assertainable” when HIPAA and other privacy laws are in place?

Yes, I’m sure that rather than considering the points I’ve made, or looking hard at the Homeless Discharge law from last year, that the hospital and lawyer will fume over this reposting and discussing of their letter.

I notice the letter was not an invitation for the neighbors to come together for a friendly talk.

How wonderful would it be , if instead, if they focused on better care and reputation though their acts?

Vote! Election date

Hey @gop and Democrats, March 3rd is the Primary for voters in Los Angeles!

And yep! I vote in every election I can.

Play a game of Let’s pretend:

Vote like a woman. Vote like a minority. Vote like someone with few resources.

If that felt weird to you, then ask yourself what your voting agenda is? Are you voting for a better America? Are you voted for a better local community? Or are you voting only for your pocketbook and personal self interest?

There’s no wrong answer but it will tell you a lot about who you are and how you feel during all of these political ads.

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