Poverty leads to Michigan murder charges

If the courts did not punish people who can’t afford support and scare them away from trying to visit their children , this girl might be alive.

Of course Children Services is saying it is the father’s fault for not asking for custody and NOT their fault for not following through in his repeated allegations that the children were abused.


Should Poor Women be Steralized

Does the state have a vested interest in preventing the creation of future wards of the state?

Birth Control is free with Medical but now some states want let medicaid funds be spent on abortions, however they will spend money sterilizing women as part of plea deals and prison "early releases" and in other situations such as mental retardation.

My good friend had to fight to have her own sister steralized. Her sister will we ever be able to consent to see because her mental age is 6. She is blind as well and will never be able to care for heself. Her mental cycle was a disgusting and frightening mystery to her. My friend had full power of attorney and guardianship over the young woman and after the lady was molested in a care facility – the very real possibility of her becoming pregnant and compounding her frustrating menses became an issue. I had never thought about it before.

What are your thoughts?


On God and the worth of people


Every minute of life is a gift from God, we shouldn’t waste time judging the integrity of his other creations.

Deciding that “poor people are lazy, evil, & worthless” or that people who understand God in a different way than we do are “Evil and should die” or people who are colored and shaped in ways we are not are “less than human” all put us in positions equal to God.

And wrong.

I’ve read the Bible and Quran and other texts but can not find anything that states that God needs a Deputy and would appreciate it if we judged for him and corrected his mistakes.

Can you show me?

5 Side Effects of Exposure to Social Work

The side effects of prolonged exposure to horrible human conditions are:

1. Your circle of friends will change.
Friendship circles change all the time – convenience plays a big part as we have jobs and kids and such so you won’t notice this right away and attribute it to your environmental factors. You may think you are simply becoming more popular and that’s why you have more people in your circle of passion.

The deal is this. You won’t have fewer friends and you won’t start to hate people -causing you to boot them from your heart and sight. You will discover you have more friends. Speaking as someone who is stuck up and hates people : I was not prepared for this. Social work didn’t transform the people in my purview into sparkling , delightful nymphs. Neither did it make me thin, rich, and someone who can tolerate loud music at a party. The change was in my tolerance for the awefullness of other people. Unconsciously, I was peeling their unappealing qualities away and appreciated who they were holistically.
Also, I found myself desiring the company of people who tried harder to benefit others rather than operate on greed. The character strength of lawyers, ministers, and charity workers are more appear companions, also they have similar stories to swap.

2. You will care more.
Bummer. There is no Soul Callous about to firm making you a tougher cookie able to be unaffected by horrors.

3. Politics will start to anger you.
The difference between what "sounds like the right thing to do" and "will help the lives of others without insult" becomes very clear.
Before I was a social worker I was a stuck up "Responsible Republican", absolutely convinces that not only was Reagan "Welfare Queen" real – she was turning my sweet country into her kingdom. I believed that USA knew best for the world, our government system was a one size fits all curative for all societies and poor people were poor because they are bad people and somehow dollars are more attracted to people who deserved them.
The ideal of an Altruistic Politician was my vampire and it burst into flames in the light of day.

4. The Princess Complex.
Classic fairy-tale endings will make you itch.
If I see one more person who is convinced that there is ‘ someone out there with a home and a.fortune just waiting to love them and shield them from the troubles of caring for themselves’, I will scream!

Sometimes I Cry

I don’t think I have told you that before.

Sometimes the work prompts me to cry.

Today I met with a man who does not know where his wife is, and does not feel he should remove his children from living with her parents because he is homeless. He sees them in the daytime and does homework with them and them sleeps on the streets at night. He was crusted in filth and smelled of urine and rot. Dirt filled the creases of his neck and his fingernails were indistinguishable because of the buildup of soot and debris. Looking at his clubbed thumbs, I am going to play amateur hour and diagnose him with heart problems. In speaking with him it was apparent that he struggles with English.

The part of me that is a mother wanted to hug him, bathe him and just cry. This man was someone’s baby.

The part of me who is a social worker looked for solutions, GR, Legal Aid, 211, Shelters, and all the places he could find food or a ride. I gave him that information.

The part of me that is human hid in the bathroom and bawled before unconsciously scrubbing my hands and arms and neck because I could not wash his.

Another State Might Adopt Foolish Drug Testing Laws for Welfare – attn:

No! Just No, people!
Are you going to deny benefits to drug users?
What are you going to do for the children in their care? – Really? Because have you even looked at the Foster Care System?

I am sad Paul Walker has learned nothing.

Another State Might Adopt Foolish Drug Testing Laws for Welfare – attn:.