So I’m boycotting Carl’s Jr

@andyPuzder makes me sad because other than In N Out, @CarlsJr is the only fast food I love.

I was thrilled to place a client in a job there last year. Now I am disgusted that their CEO thinks his employees love being in Welfare. Are you kidding me?

I wish he would sit down with me , average social worker, and discuss carefully what Welfare really links lime from a numbers point of view and real life application.

Bye-bye Superstar app and “All American Burger”!

USC Financial Aid Status

USC Financial Aid screen

And here we go on financing the dream.

via USC Financial Aid Status.

I have had 2 weeks to adjust to the news that USC will let me study with them and It still seems unreal.

The enrollment process is somewhat complicated and requires many steps, but does not seem to be too confusing. I hope I am doing this all correctly. If I had the time, I would swing by campus and ask someone to hold my hand and walk me through it. As it is, I will bring you along.

Don’t deny your feelings, you are excited too.

Also, if you know of any great scholarships or educational funds – direct me to them,

Slavery, Dignity, and Human Rights

I’ll just hop into a time machine and tell the naked children being tied and whipped,oiled and sold for manual labor that they are dignified.

In fact,I will find my closest human trafficking victim in the sex trade or sweatshop and tell them how f’ing didnified they are.

Human equality and civil rights are Homeless Issues because so many homeless people are marginalized.

Take a minute and think about it. How many minorities do you know who are homeless?

True story

I was outside @PandaExpress by Costco in Pacoima Ca with Darla. She ran to the last free chair and scrambled into it while we discussed Subway vs Panda.

Suddenly, a dark figure in a baseball cap covered in tattoos rush toward me.

I heard the sound of metal and then his whispered voice saying
"Please, take my chair".

I thanked him and offered to stand, but he refused. After I sat down and Darla and I settled the food debate (seriously, this is the BEST Panda which explains the super long line), the gentleman introduced me to his friend and Darla an aged to not ask why they had drawn all over their arms, necks and faves until they were leaving.

Help the Charleston Families and Other Assistance agencies in the Neighborhood.

I am still feeling sick about the #Charleston AME shooting last night. I have heard it is not #Terrorism because it isn’t politically motivated and the shooter was “mentally disturbed”. Umm, Sitting Senator Clementa Pinckney was one of the nine victims murdered. I would call that a political shooting, wouldn’t you?

9 People Died, many more are suffering in Charleston.

9 People Died, many more are suffering in Charleston.

At any rate … Verbage and politics aside – how can you help the families and the neighborhood?

There is a fund to help the victims burial costs:

Mother Emanuel Hope Fund

C/O City of Charleston

P.O. Box 304

Charleston, SC 29402


And here is information about other neighborhood resources and services, because you don’t have to be black or a member of the church to feel the pain of the neighbors and everyone can use a little help sometimes.

South Carolina Assistance and Aid Programs.

Get help and find assistance programs in all cities and counties, including Charleston and Columbia.

Operation RoundUp
This is offered by many utility companies, including Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative, Palmetto Electric Cooperative and others. The organizations join together to help neighbors who are dealing with a crisis. Grants, financial aid, and funds provided address needs such as clothing, food, shelter, utility bills, health care and other community services. More.

Gap Assistance Pharmacy Program for Seniors (GAPS)
GAPS provides pharmacy assistance and it will assist with paying prescription bills for seniors. It will fill the gap for eligible seniors’ Medicare prescription drug coverage when their drug costs reach the so called “donut hole.” (888) 549-0820

Mortgage Assistance, and Foreclosure Prevention Resources
There are several different programs and resources that homeowners in South Carolina can use to get help with their mortgage. Programs are offered at the state as well as local level. Read more.

Also, the state has several government certified non-profit agencies that counsel homeowners through difficult times. Many of their services are offered at no cost. More on South Carolina HUD agencies.

ABC Child Care Program
This is the statewide system that was created by South Carolina to deliver low cost or free child care services under a federally funded grant program. The ABC Child Care Voucher program will make payments to child care providers to care for low-income children so their parents can work. In addition to this, the ABC Child Care Program also has various activities and projects that will help to improve child care programs throughout the state. It will help make the child care providers and their programs more affordable and available to the families that need them. 803-898-2570, or more onchild care assistance in South Carolina.

Family Independence Program
Family Independence (FI) is a time-limited program that will assist families in need with dependent children when families cannot provide for their basic needs. The main focus of this program is to assist lower income and struggling families with meeting their basic needs by providing cash grants and assistance, supportive services, job training, employment opportunities, and other aid. (800) 768-5700

Legal Assistance
Legal Services of South Carolina offers several programs and resources that will provide state residents with tips and advice. More.

Crisis Assistance for Bills
If you or your family are faced with an emergency and have no other options available, then the Salvation Army may be able to help. They have centers across South Carolina, and may have cash assistance for paying bills, rent, housing, medications, and more. Read more Salvation Army SC financial help.

Senior Programs in South Carolina
Residents who are 55 or older can contact the Office of Aging. This non-profit organization administers resources specifically for seniors. Programs include emergency rent, food, transportation, and information on medical and health care. Click here.

Emergency Rental Assistance Program
This program is run by the South Carolina Housing and Finance Development Authority and it provides rental assistance to low-income seniors age 55 and older. The funds provided are a one time payment. Click here.

Medical, Dental, and Community Clinics
Various clinics around South Carolina can provide the low income and the uninsured with either free or low cost medical/dental care, and even medications. More on South Carolina community clinics.

Debt Reduction and Credit Services
Find a listing of not for profit agencies that can provide credit counseling, debt consolidation, and mortgage/housing assistance to state residents. A number of organizations specialize in these credit services. More South Carolina credit counseling.

Disability Programs
Residents that are disabled, their family members or caregivers can get assistance. Several benefits and government programs provide financial aid, home care, respite, employment, and other support. Find details on the South Carolina benefits and get information on the disability application process.Click here.

Transitional Housing
Families who were recently or will soon be evicted can benefit from short term housing and case management services in South Carolina. Programs will help people find a job, improve their finances, and locate and move into a new permanent home. Additional details.

Low Income Housing Vouchers
Housing and Urban Development (HUD) section 8 vouchers can be used to pay a portion of a low income families rent or maybe even energy bill costs. Programs are also available for the disabled and elderly in South Carolina. Read section 8 housing choice in South Carolina.

Eviction Assistance and Programs for Homeless in South Carolina
Several non-profit organizations, charities and churches specialize in preventing evictions and rehousing. Government grants are used for paying rent. Legal support, case management, and funds for paying security deposit on a new low income home in South Carolina are often available. Click more information.

South Carolina Pantries and Food Banks
Learn where to turn to get free food, groceries, and other forms of non-financial aid and assistance in the state of South Carolina. Food banks help tens of thousands per year. Learn more.

Job Programs, Government Grants, and Self-sufficiency
Struggling families can turn to a community action agency for help. The non-profits provide individuals with many services, including job training, counseling, child care, grants for paying bills, housing, and resources such as Head Start. Read South Carolina community action agencies.

Resources are also focused on the unemployed and those looking to increase their income by gaining new skills. WorkSource Centers offer a number of free services. Click job programs South Carolina.

Utility, Electric, and Energy Bill Assistance
Most of the utility companies that operate in the state provide emergency grants, weatherization, and other forms of financial assistance to needy customers. Get details on South Carolina utility programs.

—- and the names you need to know are Senator Pickney, Cynthia Hurd, Tywanda Sanders, Myra Thompson, Ethel Lee Lance, Daniel L Simmons, Rev Depayne Middleton-Doctor, Susie Jackson .

I Need a New T-shirt . . .

AKA – if you donate to @MENDpoverty and tell them I sent you : I can have a new shirt and your TAX Deductible donation will be Doubled! Don’t feel you have to break the bank – even a $2 donation is cool with me.

Write my name on the screen

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Please help us reach our year end goal by donating to MEND! Refer four

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Join us in breaking the bonds of poverty and paving a pathway to self-reliance for our neighbors in need.

For an even better time, you can write things like ” I love Tarry ”  ( she is in charge of fundraising ) , “Scott looks great in a tie ” ( he is the math wiz doing the budgets ) or something else fun.

To End Poverty, we need to Mend Poverty. We can meet each need with dignity!”

Tinder VS @USC acceptance

So you see the handsome man on @Tinder and “Swipe Right” because he is everything you fantasied about your future soul mate. You know there is no way he will see your profile and “swipe right” as well because, well, maybe you have not felt like Soul Mate Material in a few years .

So you swipe and then move on with life and get distracted and completely forget about Tinder all together. Until you get an unexpected notification. Maybe there is a new version of the app and you are supposed up download it. Whatever: you dutifully open the notice and BOOM, BAM, USC wants YOU!!!! Err, I mean, the handsome man wants to meet for coffee.

That is almost what it was like to go to my mailbox last night and found this letter.

I am still freaking out a little bit.

Dear @24hourfitness

Dear 24 Hour Fitness,

We need to talk. First of all, I appologize for ruffling feathers with my suggestion that people find the money for a gym membership if they see a financially destabilizing and possibly homless making crisis is on the way. I will not say that I am sorry for suggesting that everyone benefits from hygeine and stress reducing excercize but I have heard that many people understood my message as “Hey, move into the Gym and store all your stuff in the lockers and sleep in the steam room. No one will know!”

No, people, just no. a gym is not a home but it does have handy features like showers and built in soap with shampoo. A successful Food Stamp budget that covers the entire month is rediculiously starchy and some work outs may be needed to keep you in your clothes because buying larger sizes is not an affordable option. Also, excercize is good for mental health. I prefer the people around me ( Housed and not housed) to be clean and as well adjusted as possible – don’t you?).

I took my own advice and scraped up the membership money and even paid the $25 a month for child care in the Burbank Empire Super Sport. Three days later someone in the gym asked about my blog asI sat in the hot tub. Oh boy, did I get an ear full! The very next day the motor to the hot tub went out. Then the pool lost heat. Nine weeks later the issues are not resolved.

Should I be taking this personally?

Are you mad at me?

I went by today at lunch to swim ( the kid has soccer this evening so I can’t go in ) and it was a rather Polar Experience. Please accept my appologies and fix things!

Your still fat and now freezing member – Sonya

#homeless #fat #24hourfatness

Breaking Barriers – from jail to housing

I often hear that we should let our homeless live in jails and our criminals have to scrounge in the street.

How about if no person had to live in the street? Could we try that?

As we’ve discussed,crime impacts at least 3 causes of homelessness. Now here is a program designed to keep the freshly released prisoners in homes and out of cardboard boxes.