catching up

We are almost at the 10 year anniversary of this blog.

10 years ago I was dating someone from Microsoft who let me read Scoble’s book “Naked Conversations” and he encouraged me to start a blog. I am shallow, and he was hot and handsome and so I did as instructed.

10 years ago I was working at LAMP Community – helping homeless adults on Skid Row in Los Angeles. I had just transferred from working with my favorite boss, John Best , to doing IT for LAMP. Needless to say, I got to see all the workings of the internal politics and happily left within the year.

I have since gone on to work for MAXIMUS Inc and the county of Los Angeles – still focused on extremely low income people. The difference is that now I am less low income and the politics are more pleasant.

10 years ago I had just moved from Southview to Fairview in Arcadia and only had one daughter, but was still pining away for my childhood crush. I have had the chance to reunite with DC Nelson in the past 10 years, lived with Donald for a few of those years and am now raising a second daughter. the lesson is that if they “Got Away”, just let them stay away.  Also, don’t let anyone who works at WedBush convince you that they work in finance so it is safe to loan them money.

10 years ago my mother was alive.

10 years ago I kept saying I wanted to go to Graduate School, and even was accepted into La Verne’s Gerontology program, but I did not attend. I am now into my second semester at USC for my M.S.W..

10 years ago I drove a little red Scion. It is currently parked in my driveway. I still love it.

10 years ago I made up stories for Jacquelyne, my daughter. Now I publish little books on Amazon.

The years have changed, situations have changed, but I have not.


Karsplus Warehouse – just, no.

Oops. In an earlier post if I spelled the name wrong of the car store. I know that the story is true because it happened to a friend of mine who then posted a review on Yelp. The car store has harassed her for posting her story.

People who are low-income have a hard time finding traditional loans. This leaves customers at the mercy of other smaller private lenders. When these smaller lenders act in an orthodox and Austin illegal ways, the low income client has few ways to retaliate. They already have poor credit and can end up on the hook for payment that they can’t possibly make at a rate which is impossible. However the car sales person seems like a man of authority as so they believe them when they originally strikes a deal.

Examples like this are what I mean.

You cannot run credit on somebody’s  first and last name alone, you need a Social Security number or more identifying information. I know this, and now you know this. Gus, the salesclerk who spoke with my friend over the telephone was hoping that she did would not know this. 

She called once about the car and gave A name. – She called again to ask a question and was told that her credit had been run and she would have to take financing from the Karsplus location if she wanted to buy a car.

No. People, just no.

A low income person may not be business savvy and may not understand that they are being lied to.

A car can mean survival – it is a way to get to a job, to earn a paycheck, and pay the bills to keep a home.

It is just mean to take advantage of these folks. Just because you CAN, does not make it the correct thing to do.

Gustavo, or Gus at KarsPlus – I am looking at you.

Winter Shelters

The Daily News has done on a story on winter shelters.Where they are and how to access them.   You can find the story at this link. Winter shelters in the valley.

The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority has also made a page on their website specific for the Winter Shelter program.

My second “A” at USC

Deciding to apply to USC was a gamble, taken on a whim. I was freaked out and surprised when they accepted me.

I have never been a wonderful student and have chosen to go into deep debt for a Masters degree.
1. I’ve wanted to go to USC since I was 14 years old.
2. My little Bachelors degree was hard won but is now exhausted. My income potential is stifled and career options have already been explored. I’ve used it well but I need more before people will take me seriously
3. I was bored and wanted a challenge
4. So much USC memorabilia is STILL in my home that I need to take ownership of the connection.

I have spent more than a few minutes crying and feeling overwhelmed : funding this, new job in a new location, finding child care so I could go to classes, and on top of that, I had to relearn "APA Format".

But I seem to be doing well. My Policy grade is an A- , and my Human Behavior class grade is a B : there are 3 weeks left in my first semester and now I have earned A’s in assignments in each class.

This is the "A" from my neurobiology quiz. Cool, eh?