How unprofessional

I was up and dressed and even wore makeup today. I was out the door at 7 because I had to drop the baby at day care before making it to the Chatsworth DCFS Office where I was the featured speaker in their multiservice wrap around meeting.

I came directly back to the office and did not take a lunch break. As you know, the last week of the month is Hell and reports are pressing. As you also know: I make all of my appointments 10 or more business days in advance. I was told I was speaking at this about a week ago.

When I walked in I was scolded. I was threatened with a write up for unprofessional conduct and arriving half way through the day while having a full calendar of clients walk in.

Sigh. Really?

I was assigned this morning’s task, I didn’t volunteer. It was given to me well after appointments were made.

I walked away and sent the supervisor the email where I told her that today’s speaking was a hardship bit I’d be happy to do my part.

There were no apologies.

Abortion, Dignity, Quality if Life

I see parents who can’t take care of themselves -and are unable to provide love, care, food for their children every day.

I know the Foster Care and Child Protection system is about as well run as a prison just minutes before a riot.

I know the idea of Human Life is a huge deal and some of us want to protect it at all cost before it is born… but then take those lives and leave them with parents who can’t care well or don’t want them and then those lives are imprisoned and sent to war. I see them living in boxes and cars and I work with them every day.

Every life deserves dignity.

Don’t legislate reproduction rights. Do discuss it. Make it a public topic and social more. But the law went down 40 years ago.

Get over it.

End abortion by providing access to birth control so abortions are not needed.

Today was a fun day

I went with @Mendpoverty to Universal Studios CityWalk to discuss their upcoming "Hollywood’s Biggest Night" gala to watch the Academy Awards.

The great thing about working in Burbank is that I didn’t need a freeway to get to NBC UNIVERSAL.

I love when kind and great people get together to make the lives of others better.

Way to go Tarry, Nene, Carrie, Urbano, Yasmine and Eric!

The People on the Offramp

It makes me nervous to see folks standing on the side of the rode, the off-ramp, or intersection asking for money.

I am afraid FOR them, not of them. Hospitalizations are a common occurrence for someone who falls into traffic or doesn’t vacate the roadway fast enough or just wants to be hit by a car to get to a warm hospital bed and be shown human concern and care.

Every part of me wants to throw open the doors of my car and invite them in and take them home with me. Although, as I think about it – I often have homeless or impoverished people staying with me and occasionally have lived in my own living room to give someone else a place to call home. Knowing that does not reduce my concern.

What are your thoughts?

Also – how humbling it must be to stand in public and beg – does it feel like being in the stockade of yore?

I wish I had the luxury to be a conservative Republican

Republican. Im.a registered Republican and I am sure the GOP doesn’t want me.

Most Republicans are Conservatives. In my Romance genre reading and ice cream inundated comatose state I could believe I was rich and the problems of poor people wouldn’t bug me.

Sadly, I have seen people deliver dead babies because they couldn’t afford food to feed themselves while pregnant.

I have seen children born and put up for adoption but never adopted while my friends are storing multiple frozen embryos and denouncing abortion.

I know some parts of life are "icky" but I don’t put on white gloves and throw a tea party while sneering :I roll up my God Dammed Sleeves and jump into the clean up.

Who the hell are these people who won’t get over their comfort zones and rule for the rest of us and join us in reality?!?!?

Oh. They are stupid fear mongers and there is science to back that.

Work sucks

Well… the actual work doesn’t suck. Meeting with people and exploring solutions and stuff…yes, STUFF is my technical term here:I can do that.

Monday at lunch time a Co-worker left his badge on the desk and walked out the door never to be seen or heard from again. *poof*

Tomorrow is Ani’s last day because she started USC this week, which means we will no longer have a European looker and multilingual worker in the office.

Someone left their children’s Nabi tablet and it had a video of them beating their kid in it. Gahhhh!

And remember that I work in a place where my car had the bumper knocked off and no one feels compelled to pay to fix it.

Needless to say – it is a hot mess.