Women’s Pay With Education


Education and ethnicity still not equalize pay for women.


Still less than pay for men.

1. Research pay for your field of interest.
2. Speak to others who have the job you want and ask about pay and benefits … you will need this to negotiate.
3. Do not ask this of the folks at your possible new employment because the Ledbetter act was squashed.
4. Do not list “open” as the money amount you request as pay when applying for a job
5. Do not list the lowest pay you had heard about as your requested pay.
6. List an amount near the top of the range that you are eligible for and be willing to negotiate.
7. Check on sites like Glassdoor.com for pay and work information.

Why should you believe me? Well, I am the highest paid employee at my job title.

Sterilize Poor People

Oh wait, just the women…because low income women clearly get themselves pregnant with no help from sperms makers known as men.

Seriously Arizona?
Republicans, your driving me crazy with your women’s oppression and criminalization of poverty.


I’m going to start a list of folks who need to STFU


Let’s Educate Ourselves… Angry Republican Rant.

F.Y.I. This is where Syria is on the map. Many of my friends are spouting get off about politics today (eyeroll) and the few I asked literally could not locate Syria when I removed the marker.

Of course, some of them were angry our President said ISIL instead of ISIS. Clearly, I know some stupid people who feel really good about themselves for having strong opinions but don’t have real information other than FOX news to back up the or claims.

It seems to me that there is somewhere else in the world where more than just 2 grown male reporters were killed. Isn’t there a place where massacre is going on and babies are being blown to bits?

Oh, I asked someone about the Gaza strip, and no joke, she thought I meant a feminine pad.

What does this have to do with homelessness? People who no longer have standing homes seem pretty homeless to me. So, can we care more than about our own selves just for a minute?

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Who Earns Minimum Wage


Half a million workers.
And these are not always temporary jobs.
Think on that.

And then think that it is easy to blame the employees and vilify the poor:but the problem is the lack of jobs.

How do we create more jobs. Real jobs. Real pay.

Do we bring back all the outsourced jobs or do we create more here?

Happy Dance and Carl’s Jr

My clients to found employment at Carl’s Jr. And I got excited because I had someone to talk with about their app.

Oh, and of course this means money to pay for shelter and food and stuff for her, but look, a phone app!

It the little things that bring me joy and remind me I’m a human and not a robot behind a desk

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Job Interviews, What to wear

Picking up an application, dropping off your resume, going to the first interview, on the first, 31st and 400th day of work … look like someone your employer would pay to see every day. Remember that as you are making your first impressions that it is your skill set and ability to do the job that matters. You are not selling your personality or lifestyle, you are selling these people on what you can do for them.

Here are some tips (in no specific order):

  1. Wear clean underwear. Wear, but don’t share. Don’t let it be visible or detectable by scent. Yes, this is a real problem and I felt compelled to put it first.
  2. Brush your teeth. If you have yellow fuzz in your face and rank smelling breath, you won’t be invited back, nor should you.
  3. Brush your clean hair. If it is a last minute interview and you don’t have time to shower and clean your greasy locks, sprinkle some baby powder in there and work it in with your fingers and then brush.
  4. Mild hairstyles. This is not the time to break out your rainbow Mohawk. This is a job interview and not a casting call.
  5. Minimal makeup. If you wear makeup, think Audrey Hepburn and not any member of the band Kiss or Marilyn Manson. You are the product you are selling, not your eyeliner or ability to look like Pennywise.
  6. Wash your hands. There is always a handshake somewhere and no one wants to pull away with sticky palms or look down and see their clean hands encased in a crusty mess.
  7. Your reproductive organs, tissues and systems are super cool – but not something to display at this point in time to this audience. Please cover the cleavage ( front and back, for all genders and body types).
  8. Remove any jewelry that would make you spend 4 minutes at the metal detector removing items from your skin.
  9. Plain, dark colors with a pop of something bright. This is not the time to showcase your skills mixing stripes with polka-dots. It is not a fashion show.
  10. Wear shoes you can walk in
  11. Cover your tattoos

Electro Rent Employment Opportunities


Electro Rent Corporation has the following positions available and I’d like to share them with you. These are full-time positions offering medical benefits, PTO, 401(k) and even an onsite fitness center!

We are looking for a Calibration Technician with recent experience calibrating/testing Radiofrequency/Microwave electronics to join our team in the Van Nuys, CA Calibration Lab.

Apply for Calibration Technician

We have a need for an experienced Senior Billing Clerk in our Van Nuys Corporate office. This person needs to be able to perform accurate customer invoicing through the use of the computer and communication with the sales offices.

Apply for Sr. Billing Clerk

Lastly, we have an opening for in our Human Resources Department. We are looking for a person who has HR work experience with at least two years in recruiting knowledge. This person needs to be able to implement recruitment plans and remain current on best recruiting practices. This position is also located in our Corporate office.

Apply for Human Resources Representative

Full postings for the Calibration Technician, Senior Billing Clerk and Human Resources Representative jobs are posted on our site: http://www.electrorent.com/er/employment

If you know any persons who may be interested, please pass along this e-mail and Electro Rent’s website!

Thank you.

Human Resources Department


Electro Rent Corporation

6060 Sepulveda Blvd

Van Nuys, CA 91411-2512


Dear @Verizon @verizonwireless, we have the same problem

Months ago I lost my primary cell phone. My 3 year old daughter was playing with it when it disappeared.
Having no home phone and living alone , I couldn’t easily find it.

What I did have was my sister in law’s former phone number sitting dormant in my Verizon account and my old phone. I activated the phone with her phone number, charged the phone and called myself.

Low and behold…Darla’s dolls were having a tea party with the phone at the bottom of her toy bin.

Darla called her best friend (aka her Great Grandmother ) and then I turned the phone off to deal with whatever adventure having a toddler afforded me.

Two months later I got a shocker. I expected the bill to be about $10 more for the line being active. I did not expect the additional data charges and more. Excuse me? The Family Plan has shared data across all of the lines (except mine) to share.


So I called Verizon and I went into the Verizon store and I Direct Messenged them through Twitter.


One representative could not understand why I couldn’t use the dead phone to transfer my active number to that phone and call my missing ohone. Huh? Then my newer phone wouldn’t ring?!?!

Another represented the company policy as expensive unless I was going to cancel my phone service all together – yes. He advocated I leave service with Verizon.

Anyway, I suspended service on that number again. Oops. This month the service connected again because the 90 days of suspension elapsed.

An extra $62.00 was charged to me because once again, Verizon decoded to tack on a data package fee to a phone I never use.


This is the face of Thursday


Psychiatric Emergency Teams, Police, reports, manipulate hijinks and one nasty papercut. Today is Thursday of a 4 day work week and I’m ready to crawl under my bed…and 2 more coworkers are quitting.

Someone, somewhere, is handing out my office phone number to people who are homeless and at risk of eviction.
While I appreciate the act of faith, at work I can only help parents on cash assistance who are homeless in the San Fernando Valley.  I’m not being a jerk, I am having boundaries and doing my job. If I try to help everyone I won’t actually help anyone because homeless case management is intense and time consuming.

Someone said I always sound cranky here. Let me apologize a day explain that I am blogging often from the ladies room because at my desk I am focused. (And just having to do anything in the bathrooms here will kill your mood).


p style=”text-align:center;”>On the lighter side, I secretly have a cat ear headband on and a new lanyard from Origami Owl. http://rebeccaclark.origamiowl.com/parties/sonyaKeith439997/collections.ashx